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Gone are the days when you had to carry your laptop to every place you visited just so you could access the data in it. Now, the norm is to make every device that you put your hand on load your data. But, it isn’t possible, right? Well, Cloud Desktop would beg to differ!

Pick our Cloud Desktop if you want your entire PC including programs, files and everything else residing inside the cloud and accessible from literally any device on the planet! No syncing is required, no hefty investment is needed, no hard disk is essential for data storage (since the data will be stored on cloud) and the best part… you no longer need to worry about losing your data in case your laptop gets stolen or misplaced because guess what? Everything is stored and secured on cloud.

So, hit us up and get upgraded to cloud!

Schedule an IT Assessment
(469) 522-9404

During your IT assessment, we will evaluate your current network, discuss your IT needs, and how Dallas Alpha One Technologies can support your business's goals and functions. 

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